About Us

The Sure Foot Builders Story

Raymond Thompson developed a passion for building as a child, building bark houses from an old-growth maple tree in front of his childhood home, installing septic lines with his grandfather, and renovation and new construction with local Kentucky builders in his hometown. Raymond started at a young age, learning the trade from his father and gaining hands-on experience in the industry. At just 17 years old, Raymond completed his first independent interior remodel, showcasing his talent and skill. Before settling in Western North Carolina, Raymond expanded his building knowledge in New Mexico, Colorado, and Hawaii.  When he later settled in Asheville, NC in 2004, Raymond's passion for homebuilding flourished.

In 2005, Raymond founded Sure Foot Builders, which evolved from a carpentry subcontractor to a general contractor. With a strong focus on sustainability, Every Sure Foot Builders home receives Green Built and Energy Star certifications, ensuring excellence in every project.

Our Mission Statement

Craftsmanship of Balance

We strive to build green homes with the best overall value to our clients and their community over time by balancing the tenets of sustainability; economic: income for employees, environmental and social stewardship.

High Efficiency Homes

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency. Every home we have built has been certified as Energy Star and Green Built, meeting rigorous standards for energy conservation and environmental impact. Sure Foot Builders homes go through additional rigors including; 

    • Custom-designed HVAC systems optimized for efficiency
    • Multiple inspections at every step of the construction process
    • Tested verification of all home systems for peak performance

In addition, our office operates on a Net Zero energy basis. Although not officially certified, we generate more power than we consume, reducing our carbon footprint. We have successfully constructed several Net Zero-certified homes and have extensive experience in creating Net Zero-ready homes, designed to maximize energy efficiency and minimize reliance on external energy sources. Our dedication to sustainable building practices ensures that our homes and office reflect our commitment to a greener future.

    Better Financial Planning

    Every home we have built has been completed using Fixed-Price and Turnkey contracts. By utilizing Fixed-Price contracts, we provide our clients with a clear and agreed-upon cost for their home construction. This eliminates the risk of unexpected expenses and allows for better financial planning.

    In addition, our Turnkey contracts ensure that we take care of every aspect of the construction process, from start to finish. We handle all the details, including design, procurement, and construction, providing our clients with a hassle-free experience.

    With Fixed-Price and Turnkey contracts, our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their home construction will be carried out efficiently, on budget, and to their satisfaction.

      Working With Partners We Trust

      At Sure Foot Builders, we understand the importance of collaboration and working with trusted partners to deliver exceptional results. That's why we have established strong relationships with a network of vendors and subcontractors who share our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

      By partnering with these experienced professionals, we can access a wide range of construction techniques and solutions to meet the unique needs of each project. This ensures that your home is built with precision and attention to detail, without compromising on quality.

        Seamless Process

        In addition, we leverage advanced project management tools such as CoConstruct to streamline the selection process and enhance client interaction. This software enables us to efficiently manage home selections, track progress, and maintain clear communication with our clients throughout the construction journey. It ensures transparency, accountability, and effective coordination, resulting in a smooth and successful project delivery.

        What Our 
        Homebuyers Are Saying

        The quality and little details were big improvements over the other homes we looked at. We weren't just looking at 'right now,' but also how the home will sell in the future. When you think about resale value and compare standard features and upgrades, they were the best!

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