Our Process

Building Your New Home


New Custom Client

Our process begins by focusing on the crucial aspects of home design. This entails carefully considering elements such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, overall aesthetic, specific finish, and your unique requirements.  

 Once we have this essential information we will provide you with a feasibility estimate or a preliminary price range for your specific home. We will then schedule a meet and greet to discuss your new home where we explore various floor plans and elevation options, transforming your initial concept into a tangible outline. 

This initial phase allows us to establish a solid foundation for the project, ensuring that we are aligned with your vision and requirements before progressing further. We value open communication and collaboration, while bringing your dream home to life and keeping budget in mind.



    The next step in our process is to sign our Pre-Construction Contract. This contract is designed to cover the costs associated with the design phase, including design expenses, professional fees, as well as our labor involved in estimating and preparing final project documents.

    As the client, it is important to note that you will be responsible for covering the design costs and professional fees in full. These fees are essential for ensuring quality and attention to detail throughout the design and estimation phases of your project. 


      Finalization of Build Plans

      Once the Pre-Construction Contract is executed, we will schedule a meeting to collaboratively work on design adjustments, specifications, and selections. Our team will finalize the selection specification book (Spec Book), the construction contract, and the plan set. These essential documents will serve as a comprehensive guide for your project. Once you have the executed Spec Book, construction contract, and final plan set, you will possess the necessary materials to proceed with finishing financing. These documents showcase the project's scope, specifications, and details, enabling financial institutions to evaluate and complete the financing arrangements smoothly.


        After Finalization of Financing

         After finalizing the financing arrangements, you will provide us with a deposit, and we will begin the construction process. Regardless of whether you utilize bank financing, private financing, personal savings, or a combination thereof, our construction draw process remains consistent. We employ a standardized bank template that aligns with the finalized construction contract amount, dividing it into percentages corresponding to the completion stages. As each phase reaches completion during the construction process, we will submit a draw request to you or your bank. This draw request serves as a means to request funds to support the ongoing construction progress, ensuring a transparent and organized financial process.


          Certificate of Occupancy

          Upon receipt of the Certificate of Occupancy or final punchlist walk-thru, you will submit the final payment. At this stage we include a 1-year warranty period. During this time, if any issues arise with your newly constructed home, we will promptly address and repair them. Additionally, any repairs we make within the 1-year period will receive an extension of 1 year warranty coverage. Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the completion of the project, ensuring that you have peace of mind and the assurance that we stand by the quality and craftsmanship of our work.

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